Remote employees and teams for IT companies and software studios
Use Georgian legal space to decrease taxes and improve your company's performance
Georgia - outsourcing country
We provide remote specialists and create remote teams fullfilling your needs.
We are based in Georgia. Read bellow why we choose Georgia and recommend it to you.
Benefits for companies
Low taxes
According to tax laws of Georgia you can use 2 patterns of organizing personnel:

1. If your remote employee has a legal status of Individual Entrepreneur you would have to pay 1% of a transferred fee (but not more than 160 000 USD annually).

2. You have an opportunity of R&D center deployment and therefore receiving getting tax discounts required for international IT companies. Your business activity has to meet all the requirements of Georgian tax law. In this case you will have following benefits:

• 0% dividend tax
• 0% VAT ( international transactions)
• 5 % tax on employee income
• 5 % tax on income

• According to directive of Finance Minister of Georgia Georgian companies with international status are allowed to decrease tax fees in amount of following expenditures:
1. Fee, payed to a Georgian citizen.
2. Costs on researching and experimental activity in the scopes and domains that are legal for international companies in Georgia.
Cheap and high-qualified specialists (Jr. - Sr. levels)
We find employees for employers and vice versa. Read more
Cheap infrastructure and low personnel costs
Low cost of living in Georgia and low prices of working infrastructure allow to decrease expenses.

Outsource infrastructure
for recruited employers and teams
Relocation service
Support of relocation of teams and specialists in Georgia.
Relocation assistant coordinates all the provided services during relocation.
Finding living places for teams and their further settlement. We will need a list of your personal criterions to find an appropriate apartment. We will provide an internet and all necessary utilities.
Providing healthcare services using verified products of medical and insurance companies.
We will organize door-door shipping of your cargo.
Legal service
Full legal support of specialists during relocation. Providing with visa, new bank accounts and legal entities, prepare all the needed documents for permanent settlement in Georgia.
We have a partnership with international networks of
co-workings spaces and business centers where we can place your teams or specialists.

R&D center deployment
Remote specialist or team
Permited activity for International IT company
You must engage in at least one of these activities:

The following activities determined under the code 58.2 of "Georgian national classification of economic activities":
1.1 Software Publishing;
1.2 Publishing of computer games;
1.3 Publishing of other software;

2. The following activities determined under the code 62 of "Georgian national classification of economic activities":
2.1 Computer programming, consultancy and related activities;
2.2 Computer programming activities;
2.3 Consultancy activities in the field of computer technology;
2.4 Computer facilities management activities;
2.5 Other information technology and computer service activities;

3. Development and/or delivery of digital product, including respective software support and provision of an updated version;
4. Development and/or delivery of website;
5. Web Hosting, remote maintenance of software and hardware;
6. Provision of software and related updates;
7. Provision of images, texts and information to ensure access to the database;
8. Remote administration of the system;
9. Online supply of allocated memory capacity;
10. Access to or download of software (including procurement/ accounting software or antivirus software) and its updates;
11. Banner ad blocking programs;
12. Download able drivers, such as software that connects computers with peripheral devices (such as printers);
13. Automatic online installation of filters on websites;
14. Automatic online installation of firewalls.
How It Works
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We will consult you about opportunities of X Connect program and choose a model optimal for you
Providing remote employees
We have 12 year of work experience in recruitment our own international database of candidates. After we complete sourcing process of the candidate that meets your requirements – you would be able to arrange technical interview.
Relocation in Georgia
After signing an agreement between you and candidate we will relocate him/her to Georgia. We will resolve all the issues concerning bonus packages for candidate and we will provide all the services needed by him/her.
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