Team relocation
How does it happen and how much does it cost?
Legal service
- preparation of documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit
- preparation of documents for crossing the border
- opening a bank account and getting a debit card
- preparation of a rental agreement
- legal assistant, support at all stages
Accommodation service
- search for housing according to the terms of reference
- connection of additional services
water delivery, cleaning, staff recruitment for the home
Logistics service
- organization of the trip, selection of the optimal route
- meeting at the airport or at the border
- organization of logistics of personal belongings and equipment
- responsible storage of cargo
COVID-19 Compliance
- organization of testing and issuance of a certificate 72 hours before crossing the border
- organization of testing and issuance of a certificate within 72 hours after crossing the border
According to the rules of the Ministry of Health of Georgia, when crossing the border, it is necessary to present a negative result of the COVID-19 PCR test, issued max 72 hours before crossing the border. Then, within 72 hours, another test must be passed.
Medical service
- insurance of team members
- medical service, including from American Medical Centers at special prices.
Who helps us to solve relocation tasks:
Be careful. Prices excluding VAT (18%)
- Legal service
including all government fees
- Housing provision service
Excluding rent
- Logistics service
Excluding the cost of services of logistics companies, carriers and custody services
- COVID-19
Excluding the cost of field testing services
- Medical service
Excluding the cost of insurance or medical package
1 person
- Residence
- Bank account and card
- Legal assistant
1 person
16 + years
- Residence
- Legal assistant
1 person
1-16 years
How it works?
Submit your application
Indicate in it the contact number of the person who is ready for relocation to Georgia.
Pay for the service
We contact the client and find out the details: location, family, animals, cargo for transportation, etc.
Accommodation service
We send a brief, based on the answers, we form a technical task for a real estate agent and select an apartment.
Logistics service
We prepare documents for crossing the border, form the optimal route and coordinate the details with the carriers. We find out the volume of the transported items and organize the transfer to Georgia. We send you invoices from logistics companies.
COVID-19 Compliance
Before leaving, we will check compliance with international regulations in force during a pandemic. The presence of PCR test results in English when crossing the border is mandatory, as well as according to the rules of Georgia on the 3rd day after crossing the border. We will send you an invoice for the service.
Legal service
After crossing the border, we prepare documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit, opening a bank account and receiving a card
Medical service
Get special rates from Relocater partners from leading insurance companies and medical centers in Georgia
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