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How Relocater works?
Here is an example - one of the cases
We've received request from company X
Company needed International Company status wanted to relocate team in Georgia.
Before that each team member had to become Individual Entrepreneur to continue working
without interruption in new legal space.
Client company has received International Company status
We've been provided by International Consulting Company's service (Georgian branch).
Process of the establishment of new company has taken about 2 months. All the actions have been done online including accountancy integration
Cargo Shipping
We've organized the most beneficial and convenient shipping with our logistics partner.
Team members received door-to-door shipping service.
Started looking for accommodation
All the team members have filled in a brief according to which realtors have found several options.
Team have chosen their favorites out of those options to observe them after the arrival
Meeting in airport
We have organized Welcome Service that helps to adapt in new place. Driver with banner meets a team and takes them to hotel
1-st day in Tbilisi
We have complete all legal procedures concerning Small Business Status registration for each member o the team and after 3 days they have got all necessary documents, bank accounts and cards
2-st day in Tbilisi
Realtors have provided team with accommodation and have settled them. We have provided internet, cleaning and drinking water to each housing
3-st day in Tbilisi
On 3-rd day medical service has visited the team in hotel and all of the members have been provided with PCR tests. Everybody received test results on their e-mails.
After that we have presented the city by visiting shops, entertainment places and have had a supper
4-st day in Tbilisi
Once the team has adopted in Tbilisi we have provided co-working of one of our partners. The team spends in the co-working some time before preparation of the office has been completed
Once we have finished relocation process we keep in touch, provide support and additional service
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